Nis City Tours

Are you visiting Niš, Serbia anytime soon? We have some awesome tours for you to explore Niš and the surroundings with a licensed and experienced tour guide! Just pick one!

You have a chance to be amazed by the extraordinary history and monuments, to relax at remarkable wonders of nature, experience the true local mentality and to taste traditional local dishes where every bite is a memory to tell.


Geographically, Nis is on the crossroads of the most important Balkan and European routes.

All these roads were well-known even in the old times, as the roads of people, goods, and military. They were called ‘Via Militaris’ in the period of Rome and Byzantium, ‘Tsarigradski  drum’ in the medieval period and in the period of Turkish rule. Today, these are the main highways on Balkan, which make Nis the crossroads of Europe with Asia Minor and the Black Sea area to Mediterranean.

Nis is today the second biggest city in Serbia and the university center with 14 faculties and 25.000 students.