Prolom SPA, Prolom Water and Prolom Beer!

Prolom SPA, Prolom Water and Prolom Beer!

Things to do - general

Prolom Spa is a resort and a place for rehabilitation located in southern Serbia, known primarily by healing Prolom water.

Prolom Spa is located on the southern slopes of the mountain Sokolovica and wooded hillsides of Radan, the 550 and 668 meters above sea level, which determined spa climate.

The climate is temperate continental with sub-alpine characteristics: moderately warm summers with less rain and cool nights and winters are long and cold with lots of snow.

Proximity of the mountains that surround it and the presence of fresh mountain air makesProlom, among other things climatic health resort.

According to the last census 2011th Prolom spa has 123 persons, but regardless of the extremely small number of residents, it is the biggest tourist center in Toplica area.

By size of tourism turnover Prolom spa is in sixth place in the Serbian spa tourism.

Nearby spa there are numerous attractions:

  • Wooden church Lazarica
  • St. Petka church
  • Devil’s town
  • Lukovska spa


Prolom Water and Healing

Prolom water is packaged and bottled since 1989. The new water factory was put into operation in 2005. Water is pumped from a depth of 220 meters and packed without physical or chemical changes.

Prolom water has very high balneological value. It is nitrogen, and highly, mineralized, sodium hydro – carbonate, silicon hypothermia. Therefore, the main balenological values of Prolom water are: alkalinity, the presence of ozone and acid silica, with a bit of fluorine.


Prolom water, thanks to the unique characteristics exhibit multiple beneficial effects on the body:

  • High alkalinity (pH 9.2) – makes it ideal for setting up pH balance
  • The low content of soluble minerals, especially sodium – allows the person can drink in large quantities
  • Detoxifying effect – it washes and cleans the cells of toxins, free radicals and harmful substances
  • High power of hydration – quickly absorbed, hydrates and refreshes the whole body


Helps in the treatment of:

  • Diseases of the kidney and urinary tract
  • Diseases of the digestive system
  • Skin Diseases
  • Diseases of the locomotor system
  • Diseases of the peripheral blood vessels
  • Diseases of metabolic disorders

Land around natural source of Prolom water soaked her, and created mud which guests were smeared and treat skin and other diseases. Today, the mud is obtained by mixing thermal water and soil from the vicinal source “Pupavci.”

Used in the mud baths or as a cladding for the treatment of skin diseases, peripheral vascular disease, rheumatic disease and some diseases of the prostate.

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