The Spring of Mlava

The Spring of Mlava

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The Spring of Mlava is located in Žagubica itself, sat at the foot of the northern slopes of mountain Beljanica at 314 meters above the sea level.

The spring of Mlava is actually in a form of a well that the river Mlava springs fromIt is situated in a natural amphitheatre, which opens towards west into a small valley that the water flows away through.

Spring of Mlava is some 30 meters wide, and due to great depth, the water has a dark green colour. The divers have descended to the depth of around 74 meters but haven’t managed to get to the bottom of the well, so that the actual depth of the well still remains unknown.

The beauty and appeal of Žagubica spring is complemented by the forested surroundings and the beautifully landscaped coniferous forest that reach down to the very spring, giving it a dark green colour.

In order to preserve the complex, the spring and its surroundings were placed under protection as an important Category I hydrological monument.

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