Suva Mountain - The waterless beauty

Suva Mountain - The waterless beauty

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Suva Mountain (meaning “The dry mountain”) is the mountain range in Southern Serbia. It extends in a horseshoe-shaped curve from Niška Spa to Bela Palanka.

The highest peak is Trem (The porch) – 1,810 m, and the second highest is Sokolov kamen (The falcon’s rock) at 1,523m. Sokolov kamen is also the highest point of the city of Niš.

The name stems from the fact that there are only few springs in the whole mountain. Two biggest are Bojanine vode (under Sokolov kamen at 860 m) and Rakoš Česma (at the Bela Palanka side of the mountain).

As of 2010, Suva planina is undergoing a process of declaration of a special nature preserve.

In the past there was a road that was passing over Suva planina, called emperor’s road.

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.

Unfortunately there are no tour offers at this location at the moment.