Borsko Lake - Ideal for vacation

Borsko Lake - Ideal for vacation

Things to do - general

A few years ago Borsko Lake got a completely renovated hotel “Jezero” which made the lake to become a real tourist destination.

Borsko Lake lies at the foothill of the Crni Vrh Mountain 17 km away from the town of Bor.

Borsko Lake was founded in 1959 by construction of the water-gate on the courses of Valja Dzoni, Marec and the part of Zlot rivers. The Bor Lake covers the surface of 30 ha with its deepest point exceeding 50 meters.

The water temperature of Borsko Lake during summer is up to 25 degrees C. The Bor Lake shores are covered by thick forests and pine woods, flowery meadows and beautiful greenery at the altitude of 483 meters.

The climate of Borsko Lake is mild-continental which make this area wonderful place for vacation and recreation, very often used by sportmen.

There are walking trails, playgrounds, courts for various sports, parking spaces, and a regulated campsite with a capacity of 300 trailers.

On the most beautiful locations in the coastal area of the lake there are decorated beaches with stone, concrete or grass surface. Those are the favorite places for a lot of swimmers during the summer.

Renovated hotel and the lake are now the most popular place for weddings in eastern Serbia, and the conditions for the organization of conferences or athletes preparations are phenomenal.

Swimming in the lake or relax weekend with the family at Borsko Lake is something you have to afford!

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.

Unfortunately there are no tour offers at this location at the moment.