Jelasnica Gorge - Special nature reserve

Jelasnica Gorge - Special nature reserve

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Jelasnica Gorge is a true rarity of nature, located 15 km from city of Niš and 3 km from Niska Banja.

Jelasnica Gorge is a natural rarity located 15km from the city and 3km from Niska Banja. Although small in size, 2km long, it has been proclaimed special nature reserve due to its peculiar flora and natural beauty.

Here you may see creations in stone, such as dolomite columnsresembling teethkneeling figures and windows.

Moreover, the gorge hosts over 65 endemic and subendemic plants, some of which are very rare – such as Ramonda Serbica and Ramonda Nathaliae.

In addition to the beautiful rocks and rich flora, there is also a waterfall Ripaljka here, along with the remains of a Roman fortification.

Located between the villages of Jelasnica and Cukljenik, the gorge offers a few nice locations for camping and picnics. One of them is located at the gorge exit and is equipped with benches for picnickers. Opposite from this place there is a marked climbing track. Extreme climbing lovers may try free climbing on the natural rock, organized by Nis Mountaineering Club.

The narrow path through Jelasnica Gorge can take one to the nearby excursion site – Bojanine Vode.

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.

Unfortunately there are no tour offers at this location at the moment.