Fetislam Fortress near Kladovo

Fetislam Fortress near Kladovo

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By raising Fetislam fortress, a few miles upstream from the present Kladovo, Turks ended their defensive line with Hungary, comprising the Smederevo fortress, Kulič fortress, Ram fortress, Golubac fortress and Fetislam fortress.

The first six centuries BC, this part of the Danube was part of the Roman Empire, and then in the next century the Slavs settled here permanently.

In the fourteenth century came the Turks, with destroying fortifications and settlements built before and building new ones. Fetislam was their base for further conquest and control of the Danube.

The fortress consists of two parts, a Small fort from the 1524, and Large fort, that is added during the the Austro-Turkish conflict of 1717 to 1739 year. Large fort is rounded by great stone walls up to 14 meters high, with six stone towers.

The fort is surrounded by still visible, wide trench that was once filled with water from the natural estuary of the Danube. The fort was entered through three gates, one of which was connected with the river.

Inside the Fetislam fortress have been preserved armory, residential building, barracks, powder warehouse, a small guard, underground passages-shelters, cobbled streets and water system.

Small fort was raised in the highest point and is a part of Large fort’s wall. The walls of the Small fort are surrounded by trench. Inside Small fort are located only military buildings.

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