White Bridge in Vranje

White Bridge in Vranje

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White Bridge was constructed with white stone and dates from 1844, during the Turkish occupation, and is one of the main symbols of Vranje.

White Bridge or Bridge of love (Serbian: Beli most), is a bridge in Vranje, Serbia. The bridge was built over the Vranje river, in the Devet Jugovic Street, in the old quarters of the city.

The bridge is also featured on the Vranje coat of arms.

The legend says that this bridge was built by the mother of Turkish girl Aisha, in memory of the unhappy love between her daughter and Stojan, a Serbian shepherd. Aisha’s last wish was to build this bridge with the money that was prepared for her wedding.

In the legend, after the birth of his daughter Aisha, the prophets predicted to Selim Pasha of Vranje that she would fall in love with а Serb. So Selim built a tower and kept Aisha locked there. The tower was near this bridge and only had a small window through which Aisha could see the outside world. Every day, the shepherd Stojan would cross the bridge with his sheep flock. Aisha fell in love with Stojan, and her love was reciprocated by him. One day, while Aisha was attempting to meet with Stojan, his father found them and tried to kill Stojan. But he accidentally killed his own daughter when she tried to protect the young man whom she loved with her own body. After that, Stojan took his knife and took his own life.

There is a marble plaque on the bridge which reads:

“This bridge is called White Bridge, and it will serve to help people. The water that is flowing beneath it, will serve for the people’s health! Passers-by, cross the bridge and cross it back. You will see that it was built for the good of every man. Muhamed, Mustafa, help the human Aisha the owner. Guardian, forgive the sins of the beautiful and good Aisha and the sins of her parents!”

“Cursed shall be the one who divides what love unites.”

The bridge’s nickname, Bridge of love, commemorates that love.

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