Mediana - Ancient luxurious settlement

Mediana - Ancient luxurious settlement

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Mediana was a luxurious part of ancient Naissus, created between 3rd and 4th century BC which had the biggest boom during the rule of Constantine the Great.

The archeological site Mediana is located on what was once the Roman road “Via militaris”, today the road E-80 (Nis-Sofia). The estate occupies 40 hectares, and exhibits the remains of a granary, craft centre, villas, thermae, and the remains of ancient villa with peristyle with rich mosaics.

In that time Mediana attracted all wealthier residents of Naissus, who moved into this new suburb and built luxurious villas decorated with mosaics, with spacious yards with fountains and sculptures of gods.

The remains of plumber pipes clearly indicate that Mediana had a great water supply system. While the cold water was supplied to the villas and used for irrigation, Mediana also had a constant supply of hot thermal healing waters from Niska Spa.

The central part of the complex is occupied by villa with peristyle, the most luxurious villa which is assumed that it could be used as a temporary residence of Emperor Constantine, since he was often coming to his hometown.

Most mosaics exhibit geometrical or floral motifs, while two mosaics presenting figures – the head of the Medusa and a semi-prostrate figure of a river deity (probably Neptune).

The museum, located on the estate, contains sculptures and portraits of Roman gods and goddesses, utensils for daily use (bowls, pitchers, lamps) and remnants of lead pipes used to provide healing hot water from the nearby Niska Banja (Nis Spa). Some coins and utensils from Mediana are now available in the Archeological Hall of Nis National Museum.

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