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Kladovo is all about shipbuilding, Danube fishermen and black caviar, the town of energy experts and tourism workers.

Kladovo is situated on the right bank of the Danube river.

The population of the Kladovo town is 8,913, while the population of the Kladovo municipality with surrounding settlements is 20,635.



Early Bronze Age pottery of the Kostolac-Kocofeni culture was found in Donje Butorke, Kladovo, as well as several miniature duck-shaped vases of 14th century BC in Mala Vrbica and Korbovo.

Bronze Age necropolis with rituals, pottery (decorated with meander) and other significant archaeological items were found in Korbovo.

In ancient times, a fortification near Trajan’s bridge named Zanes/Pontes existed at this location, the area was governed by the Dacian Albocense tribe.

In the Middle Ages, the Slavs founded here new town named Novi Grad, but it was razed by the Hungarians in 1502. It was rebuilt in 1524 by the Ottomans and received new name: Fethi Islam (Fetislam).

According to Ottoman traveler, Evliya Chelebi, who visited the town in 1666, most of its inhabitants spoke local Slavic language and Turkish language, while some also spoke Vlach. In 1784, the population of Kladovo numbered 140 Muslim and 50 Christian houses.


Attractions and features

The nearby archeological sites include the remnants of Roman Emperor Trajan’s bridge, one of many Trajan’s tables, remnants of Trajan’s road through the Danube’s Iron Gates, and the Roman fortress Diana.

During the Ottoman occupation of the Balkan peninsula a fortress was built near the town. The fortress’s name is Fetislam (originally Feht-ul-Islam meaning “gate of Islam”) and in the 1970s it was converted into a sports complex containing children’s playgrounds, track and soccer fields, handball, volleyball and tennis courts.

The Iron Gates national park offers breathtaking views, excellent hunting grounds, and many trails for hiking (most trails are not well marked or maintained, so hiking is recommended only for the experienced).

The town has two hotels: “Djerdap” and “Aquastar Danube”. Nearby the city (8 km on the road to Belgrade) there is a youth camp named “Karataš” (Turkish kara-tash for “black stone”) which can host some of the visiting tourists.

Kladovo has many cafés and restaurants, some offering live music entertainment late into the night. The town’s quay stretches about 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) along the Danube river, offering quite beautiful scenery for strolling.

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